All about Version 03

Version 03.15.
  • New Help Button when using the function ‘Import’.
  • Function ‘Performance’ rounds up now the Task Duration.
Version 03.14.
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements.
Version 03.13.
  • Functions ‘Displace right’, ‘Displace left’, ‘Stretch’ and ‘Shrink’ work now properly with working and calendar days, and with any scale: days, weeks, months and years.
Version 03.12.
  • Bug fix: pop-up messages were showing wrong texts, not linked to the functions. This issue has been fixed.
Version 03.11.
  • ‘Performance’ function can now be used with a group of tasks simultaneously.
  • ‘First day’ function works now with any selected group of tasks.
Version 03.10.
  • New pop up window with instructions when importing tasks (function: ‘Import’).
  • Bug fix: improved performance of the function ‘First day’
  • Bug fix: dates format fixed when using the option ‘Best scale’.
Version 03.09.
  • ‘Task Duration’ function can now be used with a group of tasks.
  • When using the ‘First Day’ it is not longer neccesary that the first task is located on top of the schedule.
  • Picking the task color for a group of tasks is now much faster.
  • A pop-up message shows the ‘Best Scale’ calculated when using this function.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.
Version 03.08.
  • ‘Reschedule’ and ‘First Day’ options work now with both working/calendar days, depending on your choice.
  • Bug fix: some functions were not working properly when selecting the option ‘Single Click’.
Version 03.07.
Bug fix: export and print options working again when the license has expired.
Version 03.06.

Importing tasks from another schedule created with Friendly Schedule is now possible with the function “‘Import’“. If you have schedules on old versions of Friendly Schedule that have already expired, and you need to keep on working with them, use this option and bring the tasks to a new schedule.

  • Open the old and new schedules.
  • Go to the new schedule and click on ‘Import’ to enable the Copy/Paste option.
  • Go the old schedule and Copy the tasks you need, including all the columns (A to G).
  • Go to the new schedule and Paste the tasks where you need them.
Version 03.05.
  • ‘Task Pilot’ function has been replaced by direct options on the menu: displace left, displace right, stretch and shrink tasks just with one click.
  • An option to change the first day of the schedule has been added, which allows rescheduling all the tasks automatically.
Version 03.04.
Bug fixes and functionality improvements.
Version 03.03.
New ‘Task Pilot’ to update tasks easily — FUNCTION DEPRECATED AFTER VERSION 03.05 —

Version 03.02.
Optimized scales for your schedules: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom scale. The Date Header is adjusted automatically to the selected scale.

Version 03.01.
Option to hide the schedule’s bars on weekends and holidays (option available in the ‘Preferences’ menu).

Version 03.00.
The generation of the schedule is now automatic when entering tasks, so clicking on the old calculation button is not necessary. In case the schedule is not updated automatically in a specific operation, just click on ‘Refresh schedule’:

All the preferences have been put together and are available in the top menu:

Use the preferences menu to:

  • Select the style of your schedule: solid bars, gradient, tubes, stripes, etc.
  • Enable/disable the grid.
  • Show and hide columns.
  • Enable/disable project tracking.
  • Highlight or not the first day of each month on the calendar.
  • Select working or calendar days for calculation.
  • Select if you want to include in the print area the scale and the reference date.
If you select ‘Working days’ in the option ‘Days count’, the duration and performance of the tasks will only take into consideration working days. In case you choose ‘Calendar days’, both duration and performance will be calculated with all the calendar days.

To design your calendar, click first on the option ‘Working days’, to select working day or weekend for each day of the week.

Click on ‘Holidays’ to select local holidays for your calendar, with the help of a friendly ‘Date Picker’.

Just click on the dates that you want to consider as holidays for the calculation of the duration and performance of the tasks.

For deleting all the local holidays added to the calendar, use the option ‘Delete Local Holidays’, available at the menu ‘Working days’.

The option to translate terms is also located at the top menu:

If you are not familiar with Friendly Schedule’s functions, click on ‘Example’ to load a test schedule.