• Friendly Schedule is a smart Excel-based App for project scheduling.
  • No installation required: just download the file and open it with Excel (enable macros).
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
  • An alternative to Microsoft Project for your schedules!

Suitable for all type of projects

Use it for construction projects, to check how your business plan is running, to prepare your next exams or for any other project or tasks that require some kind of planification.

Key Features
  • Personal license.
  • Add up to 500 tasks.
  • Pick a different color for each activity (from MS Office palette).
  • Choose between many different styles: solid bars, gradient, tubes, stripes, dark, light, thick, thin, etc.
  • Add your own logo to your reports.
  • Option to translate terms and customize the template (full translation into Spanish included!).
  • Show dependencies between activities.
  • Track the task leader.
  • Friendly Date Picker for entering dates.
  • Automatic schedule generation when entering new tasks.
  • Automatic calculation of the end date based on the task duration or performance.
  • Count working or calendar days.
  • Customize your calendar with working days, weekend and local holidays.
  • Option to hide the schedule bars on non-working days.
  • Calculation of daily performance per working or calendar day.
  • Calculation of % of completion.
  • Multiple flexible fields for adding details to the activities
  • Option to show/hide columns.
  • Option to enable/disable project tracking.
  • Option to choose the scale for your project: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom scale.
  • Option to get automatically the ‘best scale’ for your schedule.
  • Option to reschedule tasks.
  • Option to change the first day of a group of tasks and reschedule them automatically.
  • Option to copy/move/displace/delete tasks.
  • Option to stretch and shrink tasks.
  • Option to enable/disable a grid on the schedule.
  • Automatic selection of the print area.
  • Automatic PDF creation.
  • Option to export the Schedule to a new Excel workbook for customization.
  • Option to import tasks from another schedule created with Friendly Schedule.